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Most frequent questions and answers

What grade of Gas does the RV run on?

Our units run on regular gasoline. It is better to buy gasoline at big truck stop gas stations, because of the height and length of the RV.

I have never driven an RV. Is it difficult to drive?

Anyone licensed and experienced driver can operate an RV.  The motor home is like a large school bus. Therefore, operators should compensate for its length and height. They should also pay attention to road conditions like wind speed, posted heights of overhead bridges, road restrictions for large vehicles, etc.

Do I need a special driver’s license to drive an RV?

No. In most states of the United States, special license is not required to operate the RV.

Can I Travel anywhere in the United States?

Yes. Plan your trip carefully keeping things like toll roads, construction and weather conditions in mind. Driving a big motor home or pulling a trailer is different than driving a car. Extra caution must be used wherever you go.

Are Seat Belts Install?

Seatbelts are installed on the motorhome. Besides those installed on the driver’s cab, the couch and dinette have seats belts.

What is the amp for the electric supply?

It is 30 Amps electric power.

Do you include electric hook up cable?

Yes. Electric hookup cable for 30 Amps is included.

Do you include water supply hook up hose ?


Can I use the Generator when the RV is hooked to Shore electric power?

No. You can only use either. Generator should be used only when there is no other source of electric power.

What powers the refrigerator?

The fridge will use either propane (LPG) or electric power to operate.

What is the correct operating setting for the refrigerator?

Set the fridge to “Auto”. It will automatically switch to propane of electric power.

Should I turn off the refrigerator when driving the RV?

No. The fridge should be on all time to keep your food and beverages fresh.

However, it will be turned off when you shut off the propane tank at a gas station or when passing through a tunnel. Thereafter, turn on the propane tank and fridge.

Should I shut off the propane tank when driving the RV?

No. The propane tank should be on all time to power the fridge to keep your food and beverages fresh.

However, it must be shut off the propane tank at a gas station or when passing through a tunnel.

Can I dispose of feminine hygiene products or baby wipes in the toilet?

No. Please dispose of those items in the trash.

Will Wi-Fi work in the RV?

That depends on if it is available where you park. If you have a good cell phone signal and data plan, you can use your phone’s mobile hot spot to connect to the internet.